Police Resettlement EXPO 2022


The EXPO is a tabletop event and exhibitors are responsible for the installation and removal of all stand items.

The venue is carpeted throughout, and no items can be displayed on the venue walls or divider boards.

Each stand will have access to one power point so please bring extension leads for multiple items

3x3m stand space will be provided with 1 table and 2 chairs                  
6x3m stand space will be provided with 2 tables and 4 chairs
All tables with be provided with a blue tablecloth

The venue will be open to exhibitors from 7.30am on the day of the event and all stands must be set up by 9.45am at the latest

The event finishes at 4pm and breakdown of stands can start at 4.30pm when the venue is clear of attendees

Exhibitors must vacate the venue by 6pm.

** Due to Health & Safety regulations, breakdown must not start until the event has finished and all visitors have left the event room.

This is to be strictly adhered to as it presents a major Health & Safety concern.
Exhibitors not abiding to this will be in breach of the Event Terms & Conditions and the Event insurance conditions.


Lighting and power services will be provided.

Each stand will have access to a power point, exhibitors will need to bring an extension lead if multiple sockets are needed


Wi-fi will be available at the venue and details will be provided on the day 

Exhibitor Name Badges & Scanners 

All exhibitors will need to be registered before the event takes place (using the link in the menu options)

There is no limit to the number of exhibitors but we recommend a maximum of 4 - 6

Exhibitors and attendees will be given a name badge with a bar code, there is the option to purchase scanners which enables you to capture contact details 

Please order scanners using the link in the menu options (Scanners cost £155 for the day)

Food & Drink

Exhibitors will be provided with a sandwich lunch bag for 2 exhibitors per stand (4 per double stand) 

Bottled water will be provided at the stands during the event

Self Service tea & coffee will be available between 9am and 2pm in the designated exhibitor area 

There will be an onsite refreshment area where general drinks and snacks can be purchased 


Whilst we take every precaution to protect your property during the event, we are not responsible for any loss or damage.

Exhibitors should ensure they have sufficient Public Liability Insurance cover (minimum £2million) for the Expo.
For advice on this please talk to an Insurance Broker regulated by the FSA (Financial Services Authority) for professional advice.

For your information, we utilise the services of Hiscox. www.hiscox.co.uk/events