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Police Resettlement EXPO 2022

Police Constable

Essex Police Stand: P11
Police Constable

At Essex Police, we value difference.

That’s why we have officers from all sorts of backgrounds in a variety of roles, who protect and serve the wonderfully diverse communities in Essex.

We have over 300 job roles available in the Essex Police family and, if you decide being a Police Constable isn’t for you, why not consider our Detective Pathway or joining as a member of staff? To find out which role best suits you, and what you’re eligible to apply for, please visit our 'Who we are looking for' page - https://www.essex.police.uk/police-forces/essex-police/areas/essex-police/ca/careers/police-officers/police-constable/who-we-are-looking-for/

As a police officer there are hundreds of opportunities for your future career. Whether you’re protecting our coastal communities in our Marine Unit, safeguarding vulnerable victims of domestic abuse, or stopping the supply of drugs in your local area, there are so many ways that you can make a difference to the people of Essex.

It’s no secret that our differences make us stronger, and our officers definitely don’t let their differences hold them back. They embrace them and use them as strengths – whether it’s their age and experience, their language, their gender, or their cultural background, everyone has something unique to bring to the workforce.

Whether you pride yourself on your sense of adventure, your creativity, or your problem-solving skills, we know that every applicant can bring something new to the Essex Police family.

Our officers are from military, retail, office and teaching backgrounds to name just a few. Whatever their background, their skills have brought something valuable to their role.

Driven by their motivation to keep people safe, our officers pride themselves on acting with integrity and honesty and are guided by a strong moral compass.

Want to know more about your future colleagues? Visit our 'Life as a PC page - https://www.essex.police.uk/police-forces/essex-police/areas/essex-police/ca/careers/police-officers/police-constable/life-as-a-pc/ where you can read the profiles of officers, staff and detectives – ranging from the Chief Constable to a fingerprint expert.

Our officers fit the bill, could you?

Starting salary range is: £25,812 to £26,682 plus £2,500 South East allowance. Your salary will increase in yearly increments up to £43,032 within seven years along with a number of other benefits.

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