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Police Resettlement EXPO 2022


Thank you for being a part of the Manchester 2024 Police Resettlement EXPO! 

Please use the menu on the left to complete the below:

Online profile:
Please check and update your task list as soon as possible - registration is open and attendees are viewing the exhibitor list daily.
If you are attending multiple events with us, you can use the "switch sites" option at the top of this page (above your logo) to complete each profile. 

FFAIR- Exhibitor Manual:
The FFAIR portal will provide access to:

  • Show info - this is to help you plan for the day and will provide the full details that you need for the event.
  • Exhibitor name badge registration form
  • Booking form for lead recording scanners
  • Your dedicated task List (including show guide entry*)
    Please note: You will need separate log in details to access the FFAIR portal, if you have not received your invite then please use the contact details below 

Promote your attendance:
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Please contact or 07824 505303

*All exhibitors are given a free show guide listing - the show guide is handed to every delegate at the event.
The show guide is to be completed in the FFAIR portal by Monday 24th June.
(The online profile and show guide entry are completely separate and you will need to use both portals to compete all tasks)


Please be aware that you may be targeted by database management and data list companies offering contact details of those who have registered for The Security Cleared EXPO, Cyber Security EXPO and Police Resettlement EXPO as we have noticed a spike in the volume and frequency of spam emails trying to sell and offer our data.

We do not sell our data, so if you receive any communications please assume they are fake and ignore them.
If you have any queries about anything you receive, please contact your Account Manager or Claire Pemberton.